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Welcome to the Official Siegehard Studios website. You may be wondering who we are or what we do? Let me explain!

SiegeHard Studios was founded on the 3rd of January 2021 and it consisted of just myself, page and another dev. Since then we've expanded the team to include 4 people, which is just awesome! Buildscape is the first project that we've worked on as a team, and as the lead member of the team I'm super excited to launch this website to explain who we are.


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Buildscape (Prototype)

April 25th 2021

Our first game release as a dev team, Buildscape allows you to develop and create your own worlds. Due to some issues with the coding, we decided it would be best to redesign the game from scratch!! After months of work and deliberation we're proud to announce the launch of the new and updated version of buildscape in early alpha! For any and all information or enquiries please contact us through our discord!


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Our Discord

Thank you for your interest in Siegehard Studios! For any inquiries please contact us and we'll be happy to give you the information you need! Email responses are significantly more delayed than contacting us through discord!