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Meet The Team



Studio Owner and Director

Joseph has been a programmer since late 2019, he founded siegehard studios in 2021 and began specialisation in Marketing and Developmental Lead. After many successes and failures he was proud to announce the release of the first game made by the studio on 26th April 2021.


Game Programmer

Clone has been a programmer, 3D artist, and animator since 2010. Specializing in gameplay programming and environmental design. He's done exceptional work to the coding of Buildscape, he joined the project as a volunteer on the 18th August 2021 and has been with us ever since!


Game Programmer

Alongside clone, Adam has been a vital team member in the development of Buildscape. Alongside clone, they've both made a power team at getting through code when its needed! He also joined on the 18th August 2021 and has been with the studio ever since!


Programmer + UI Designer

Although busy with work Kyro's contribution to the project since back in June allowed for much of the progress to be released, until his temporary departure from the team. He's still a classed as a member of the team :)


About the Studio

Behind the scenes

Much of our communication goes through our discord server (link below) and we work on the project as much as we can, real life dependent. Although we all have a passion for the projects that we work on we do this voluntarily, so if updates are sometimes slow, its due to us probably prioritising work or real life responsibilities, the perks of being an adult!


Our Projects



Have you ever wanted to create a city from scratch? How about an entire world? Well…its entirely doable! Building a world on pc is now easier than ever, fill a world of unending size, waiting to be filled with your imagination. Make a scene about a bank robbery or a cat being rescued from a tree! You can make something of meaning, make something unique, but most importantly…build something of your own!!