Playing a Shooting Game

Frequently Asked Questions

A List of some of the most asked questions


What should I do if the game freezes?

If you believe its an issue with the game then feel free to reach out to us through either the website or through our discord server. Please send us your pc specs and what kind of frames you were having prior to the freeze, also if you could let us know what you were doing when it happened :)

Where can I download your games?

Buildscape is currently on as well as Gamejolt, when the game becomes more furnished we'll be releasing it on other platforms. In the future we are planning on releasing on Steam and Epic Games

What languages are your games available in?

For now, the games are only in English, in the future we are going to be adding native support for other languages, however, we want to get our current futures flushed out and working without any bugs

Will there be DLC’s and FreeLC’s

Yes and absolutely yes! We aren’t going to be overcharging for dlc’s or anything like that, however we do have bills to pay and family to feed so we will need to make money somehow. FreeLC’s will also be a thing, although we will just roll them into regular updates (unless they are zombie/military themed (allowing parents the option whether they want it or not))

Do you have a discord server?

Yeah we do! We have a discord server that we use to announce big changes and updates

Where is the best place to contact you?

If you have any issues with anything or have any questions the best place to contact us indefinitely will be discord which is linked to the left

Game Controls?

Game controls have been added within the ingame menu in the game, specifically in the "keybindings" menu in the settings menu at the main menu and same in the ingame menu

VR support?

Although VR Support is something the team is interested to try, we'll be prioritising the PC version until we feel happy with how much content/how well it runs